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About the Spirit Wrestler Gallery

Vancouver, Canada

Spirit Wrestler Gallery, interior photo #1
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Founded in 1995, the Spirit Wrestler Gallery is a leading contemporary fine art gallery representing Inuit, Northwest Coast and Māori artists. The gallery focuses on exhibitions that showcase contemporary directions in aboriginal art, including cross-cultural communication, the use of new materials (such as glass and metal), and modern interpretations of shamanism, environmental concerns, and other issues pertaining to the changing world.

We sincerely believe in the cross-cultural connection between aboriginal artists and have built our reputation on this philosophy. The world is becoming increasingly smaller as artists fly in to attend overseas conferences, cultural gatherings, and artist workshops. Many of these artists are participating in art collaborations or securing international commissions. Artists communicate through their art — bridging frontiers, languages and cultural boundaries. These lines are now becoming blurred as cultures also often share similar techniques, subject matter and designs.

On November 1st, the Spirit Wrestler Gallery began a new era with a move from Gastown to the Armoury District, one block outside of the Granville Island Gates. The new gallery is a smaller format and will concentrate on the proven strengths of our history, exhibitions, specific artists exploring personal themes, and the growing need to represent secondary market collections (many of which we assisted in the development).

The name of the gallery comes from the book by James Houston of the same name, which tells the story of a young shaman being trained to realize his power in the Canadian Arctic. The name reflects the art of both Inuit and Northwest Coast cultures, which share the animist perspectives of transformation and regeneration inherent in their belief.

Founding Curators

Derek NortonDerek Norton was born in Canada and majored in painting in the Visual Arts Program at the University of Victoria, British Columbia. In 1979 he started working at the prestigious Moos Gallery in Calgary, representing major Canadian and international artists, and began to exhibit Inuit art there. He took up a managerial position within the Inuit Gallery in Vancouver in 1984. In 1995, Derek Norton, Nigel Reading and Gary Wyatt founded the Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver.

Nigel ReadingNigel Reading was born in Germany and educated in Britain. In 1986 he started working at the Inuit Gallery in Vancouver and later became the curator for the Inuit collection, organizing many solo and group shows. He is one of the founding partners of the Spirit Wrestler Gallery, where he oversees the Inuit collection. In 1999 he also became the curator of Māori art, leading the representation of contemporary Māori art in North America.

Gary WyattGary Wyatt was educated at the Alberta College of Art and the University of British Columbia, where he also interned in museum studies and Northwest Coast art at the Museum of Anthropology. He was curator of the Northwest Coast collection at the Inuit Gallery from 1987 to 1995. Since 1995, he has been a curator at the Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver.

Spirit Wrestler Gallery

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one block West of the Granville Island gates
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