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“The stonecut print is unique to Canada’s north, and it has been the chosen medium of the Kinngait Studios for forty five years. It is a variation on the age-old medium of the woodcut, in which the area to appear on the paper is uncut, or left in relief, while those areas which are not to appear in print are cut away, leaving a series of raised images on the face of the stone. This raised area is inked, and a thin sheet of paper, usually mulberry paper, is placed over the inked surface. A protective sheet is placed over this thin sheet, and the paper is then pressed gently against the stone by hand with a small padded disc. Only one print can be obtained from each inking of the stone.The stencil is made by cutting into heavy paper, strengthened by candle wax melted onto its surface. Ink is then stenciled or brushed onto the paper through the cut out design.”