Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

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Quebec, Canada

Ivujivik (Inuktitut for “Place where ice accumulates because of strong currents”) is the northernmost settlement in the Canadian Province of Quebec. It is located in the Nunavik region of the province, some 2000 kilometers (1250 miles) north of Montreal. It is near the northern tip of the Labrador Peninsula on the Hudson Strait. As of the 2001 census, the population is 298.

The village was founded in 1947 when the Hudson Bay Company established a store on the location. This was replaced in 1965 by a local cooperative.

This was one of several Inuit villages that refused to sign the 1975 James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. In protest, they formed the Inuit Tungavingat Nunamini movement. Nonetheless, it is represented today (together with most other communities in the region) by the Kativik Regional Government.

The area is ice-free for 20 days a year in the summer. There are no road links to the North American road system, nor is this (or any other) Nunavik community linked by road to any of the other villages in the region. The village is served by Ivujivik Airport.