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Northwest Territories, Canada

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Northwest Territories, Canada

Inuvik is a small town in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The population as at 2004 was 3,451, but the last two census counts show wide fluctuations due to economic conditions: 2,894 in 2001 and 3,296 in 1996.

Inuvik was conceived in 1953 as a replacement administrative centre for the hamlet of Aklavik on the west of the Mackenzie Delta as the latter was prone to flooding and had no room for expansion. Initially called “New Aklavik”, it was renamed to Inuvik (meaning “Place of Man” in Inuvialuktun) in 1958 because of the confusion surrounding the Aklavik/New Aklavik split.

Inuvik achieved village status in 1967 and became a full town in 1970 with an elected mayor and council. In 1979, with the completion of the Dempster Highway, Inuvik became a part of Canada’s highway system and, simultaneously, the most northerly town to which one could drive in the summer months (an ice road through the Mackenzie River delta connects the town to Tuktoyaktuk, on the coast of the Arctic Ocean, in the winter).