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Northwest Territories, Canada

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Northwest Territories, Canada

Ulukhaktok (known until 1 April, 2006 as Holman) is a small hamlet on the west coast of Victoria Island, Northwest Territories, Canada. The 2001 census indicated a population of 398, of which 375 are Inuvialuit or Inuit. Like other small traditional communities in the territories, hunting, trapping, and fishing are major sources of income, but printmaking has taken over as the primary source of income in recent years.

The two principal languages in Ulukhaktok are the Kangiryuarmiutun dialect of Inuinnaqtun and English. In 1923, the first Hudson Bay Company post was opened, and finally settled where the town of Ulukhaktok is located today, on inlets of the Amundsen Gulf.

The traditional name, Ulukhaktok, means “the place where ulu parts are found”, or “a large bluff where we used to collect raw material to make ulus”. The large bluff that overlooks Ulukhaktok was the source that provided the slate and copper used to make ulus and give the community its name. Thus, the people who live there are called Ulukhaktokmiut (“people of”). Ulukhaktokmiut is a recent word as no people actually lived in this area until the opening of the Hudson Bay Company store, although people did vist the area to obtain the ulu materials.

Ulukhaktok is also the location of the the world’s most northern golf course and hosts the “Billy Joss Open Celebrity Golf Tournament” every summer. Over the years they have managed to attract players from the Edmonton Oilers and the Edmonton Eskimos, as well as golfers from other countries.

The community was sometimes known as Holman Island. This, however, is the name of the small island to the south.

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