Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

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Clyde River
Nunavut Territory, Canada

Clyde River (Inuktitut: Kanngiqtugaapik) is an Inuit hamlet located on the shore of Baffin Island on the Davis Strait in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, of Nunavut Canada. The community is served by air and by annual supply sea-lift.

Population is 785 according to the 2001 Census.

It is located on a flood plain, surrounded by spectacular fiords that stretch all the way into the Barnes Icecap. The mountains, icebergs and glaciers in the Clyde River area attract rock and ice climbers from around the world.

There is also a multitude of animals to be seen, including Barren-ground Caribou, Narwhals, Polar Bears and other sea mammals. The proposed “Igaliqtuuq National Wildlife Area”, which would be a protected Bowhead Whale sanctuary, is located in Isabella Bay.

About half of the people here are under the age of 18 and the population is growing rapidly. There is a school, two stores, a new arena, a community hall, a church, health center, hotel and an airport with regular flights to Iqaluit and Pond Inlet. There are mountains near and in the winter the community gets lots of blizzards that pile snow in high snowdrifts. There is more snow than many arctic communities and the air is always fresh.