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More Information

Baker Lake
Nunavut Territory, Canada

Baker Lake or Qamani’tuaq (“where the river widens”), is a hamlet in Nunavut on mainland Canada, 320 kilometers inland from Hudson Bay. It is near the nation’s geographical center; its coordinates are 64°19′N 96°02′W. Population is 1,507 according to the 2001 Census.

In 1916, the Hudson Bay Company established a trading post at Baker Lake, followed by Anglican missionaries in 1927. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police had been in the area for fifteen years before establishing a post at Baker Lake in 1930. A small hospital was built in 1957, followed by a regional school the next year. The settlement is served by Baker Lake Airport, linking it to the nearby coastal town of Rankin Inlet.

The Baker Lake community is known for its printmaking and has been home to internationally exhibited artists such as Simon Tookoome and the late Jessie Oonark and Luke Anguhadluq.