Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Kiwa—Pacific Connections [Set of 3]


  • Medium: softcover exhibition catalogue
  • Size: 9 × 12 inches, 86 pages (Maori Art from Aotearoa)
    Size: 9 × 12 inches, 34 pages (A Northwest Coast Perspective)
    Size: 9 × 12 inches, 3-panel fold-out folder (Treasures)

From the introduction by Nigel Reading: “In 2001 at the invitation of the Māori, I visited New Zealand and was further introduced to the Māori culture by many of the artists in this exhibition, experiencing their warm hospitality, guidance and knowledge. During this visit I quickly realized how privileged we were to be working with so many master artists and how deep their commitment was to their culture and in their desire to expose Māori Art to the world. The inevitable next step was to curate an exhibition that would become a benchmark to promote their art in North America.

“Two years later, we have succeeded and assembled one of the largest ever collections of contemporary Māori art to be seen in this continent, providing an excellent overview that showcases the very best in all mediums, including ceramics, painting, weaving, jewelry, carving and sculpture in various materials.”

  • Written by Nigel Reading and Gary Wyatt
  • Foreword by June Northcroft Grant
  • Photographs by Kenji Nagai

Spirit Wrestler Gallery

Spirit Wrestler Gallery

In 1995, Derek Norton, Nigel Reading and Gary Wyatt founded the Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver.