Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Snowy Owl (2001)


“I made this marble carving of the snowy owl because first of all the stone is white and spotted like the colouring on their feathers. Therefore, I carved in more deep cuts and grooves to show more of the details of the feathers on the back. I added the black marble stone eyes and beak. I was experimenting with this work and wanted to see if it would be liked. It is made from a local marble just two miles away from Cape Dorset.”

Pootoogook Jaw

Pootoogook Jaw


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada

(1959- )

One of the three sculptor sons of master carver Joe Jaw, [Kingwatsiak (King) Jaw, Mathew Saviadjuk] Pootoogook has been carving from an early age. He uses a wide range of subjects in his work, and his style varies depending on the nature of the stone that he is dealing with. At times, his sculptures have multiple figures interacting and are almost obsessively detailed; at other times, particularly when working with very hard stones, his work is simpler and more iconic. His quiet sense of humour often surfaces in his work.