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Arctic Christ (2002)



“I am not really a Christian and do not go to church, although my mother and father do. I wanted to carve something different and I had not seen someone do this before. It is an Inuk crucifixion but I am not making a political or religious statement. I wanted to have Christ in Inuk clothing. It was my first religious piece and I am very proud of it. I have carved an angel since. I like mixing stones in my carvings and used a piece of the white stone. I put INDI (sic) on the top of the cross because people told me that was always on there. The sculpture means more to me since I saw the movie Passion of the Christ.”

Johnnysa Mathewsie

Johnnysa Mathewsie


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada

(1984- )

Johnnysa is the son of Qiatsuk Qiatsuk and a grandson of the master carver Lukta Qiatsuk. It is early days for Johnnysa as a carver, but his work is starting to attract notice in the south. He is adept at both wildlife and figurative carvings.

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