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Māori Woman Pin/Pendant



Documented on page 165 (ref #174) Women of the World Belt and page 168 (ref #178) as Māori Woman Pin in book “Arctic Transformations: The Jewelry of Denise & Samuel Wallace” by Lois Sherr Dubin, published 2005.

“This beautiful Māori Woman is one of the figures from the Indigenous Women’s belt. In 1995 I made my first visit to Aoeteroa (New Zealand) to share in a cross continental Indigenous Artist’s celebration. I left the gathering with a deeper respect for myself and my fellow artists. The inspiration culminated in the Indigenous Women’s Belt. The Māori Woman is replicated to have on her traditional style dress. The scrimshawed design is reminiscent of the woven details of her garment. The common colors are red and black and the detail of the gold fringes represents the flax skirts that they wear. She is singing and swaying as she celebrates her Māori heritage.”

Denise Wallace

Denise Wallace

Aleut (Chugach)

(1957- )

“The transformative power contained in the ancient stories of Arctic native peoples seems to have reached across the centuries to find expression in the lives and work of Denise and Samuel Wallace. Master jewelers whose pieces depict icons and legends inspired by Old Bering Sea culture, the Wallaces possess an almost mystical ability to wrest continuity from disparate elements — gold and silver, culture and design, desert silver inlaid with fossil ivory, the deep blue of lapis lazuli beside the swirling green of malachite. Even their personal backgrounds and ages make for an unlikely match. Denise, born in 1957, traces her heritage to the Chugach Aleuts of Southeastern Alaska; Sam — she calls him Wally — was born in 1936 in Virginia, and had hillbilly kin living in Hoot Owl Holler.

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