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Hei Matau • Fish Hook Pendant


  • Medium: agate (lace agate)
  • Size: 2 × 1 inches
  • Reference Code: NZX121103


“This Hei Matau series is inspired by functional and ceremonial fish hooks from museum artifacts. The originals being mainly made in bone, shell and pounamu jade. Here I am exploring matau forms and the working qualities and translucency of various stone types: carnelian, agate, as well as nephrite jade. Other themes for me include associations with the sea, how it separates yet binds us and my own personal journeys and links with Pacific Indigenous cultures. It is the idea of fishing for knowledge and learning, the protector, provider, symbol of status, mana (power) and prior learning and achievements. It is also about fishing, gathering, honouring of Tangaroa (God of the Ocean) and the ocean as source of carving, the Pacific Ocean, the Pacific volcanic rim of fire, bays and inlets where hī ika (fishing) activities would be conducted.”

Stacy Gordine

Stacy Gordine


Ngāti Porou

(1970- )

“I have been fortunate enough to have a supportive family and met many inspiring people in my life who have encouraged me to follow my talents and passion. My father, a woodcarver himself, imparted his knowledge of woodcraft plus provided a creative environment and stories of my great-uncles Pine and John Taiapa, who were Tohunga Whakairo. I have always respected and been inspired by the artistic achievements by indigenous artisans in Aotearoa and throughout the world.”

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