Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Sun / Hawk Mask (1991)


The Sun, Moon and other natural elements are central Nuxalk crests, and therefore there are many stories connecting families to the Sun. All masks that tell family stories are displayed during a four-day period within the sisaok (ancestral family dance rituals). The source and ownership of each mask is declared as it is presented.

Spirit Faces: Contemporary Masks of the Northwest Coast, pages 120, 122.

Glenn Tallio

Glenn Tallio


(1939- )

Glenn Tallio learned to carve at a very young age from his father. Because of his deep understanding of Nuxalk traditions, many of his pieces are commissioned for ceremonial purposes. His work is in many museums, including the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology. He oversaw the creation of the Nuxalk longhouse in the Canadian Museum of Civilization.