Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Moon (1993)


  • Medium: yellow cedar
  • Size: 13 × 12 × 4 inches
  • Reference Code: X110908

The Moon is one of my favourite masks to carve. Beyond the central moon face is the rim, which opens up to endless potential for two-dimensional design. There are many historical variations to this mask, including its use as a clan crest mask.

The story of the Moon that is most often told in ceremonies is the one about the Half Moon and the Full Moon arguing in a competitive sort of way to determine who should be out overseeing the ceremony in progress. They are a form of fool mask and mimic each other’s actions and words.

—from Spirit Faces: Contemporary Masks of the Northwest Coast, page 88.

Tony Hunt Jr.

Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwagiulth)

(1962- )

Tony Hunt was one of the first contemporary artists to be trained traditionally through an apprenticeship with his father, Tony Hunt Sr. His work was featured in the “Chiefly Feasts” catalogued exhibition, which opened at the Museum of Natural History in New York in 1993. He is also culturally active and has participated in numerous ceremonies as a talented dancer. His work is in major museums as well as corporate and private collections internationally.