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Mother Moon Mask


  • Medium: alder
  • Size: 14 × 10 × 5.5 inches
  • Reference Code: XN110421


Like a child towards its Mother, this mask conveys the bond and interdependency of life towards the moon’s influence.

From the dawn of time, the moon tl’etuze had always danced with the water and like children we gaze in awe.

The moonlight c’eldzin in its subtle guidance, controls the tidal stages of life.

Her orbit is like a dancing circle; rising and falling upon the oceans and rivers.

This mask also portrays bewilderment as it gazes upon her reflection; reminding her of her loneliness.

The reflection was forever present.

“Tranquility and serenity envelopes”

Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson


Frog Clan

(1991- )

Stephanie belongs to the House of Laksilyu in the Morricetown Band. She takes her inspiration from the land around her and the faces she sees in the community. The intent of her art is to share beauty and explore her personal perspectives on life around her.

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