Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Sea Lion / Tsonoqua Totem Pole


  • Medium: red cedar
  • Size: 93 × 42 × 19 inches (7'9" height)
  • Reference Code: W110403

Featured in the book, The Power of Giving (Die Macht des Schenkens) (2011), pages 105-109.

(top to bottom) Sun, Sea Lion, Tsonoqua (inverted face) and Warrior. The Sun is Marcus Alfred’s family clan (“Sun Beams”).

“These figures come from a “Famous Ones” clan story about a warrior. The story tells of a warrior’s wife who was stolen by Killer Whales. The warrior pursues his wife and meets with a school of fabulous sea monsters. He secures the help of the one called ‘Namxxiyalegayu and eventually finds his wife. The warrior steals her back and escapes and returns home. The hapless monster who gave aid to the mortal is told on by the sea lions. The monster is then attacked by the Killer Whales and smashed to pieces. The Creator takes pity on the Sea Monster for his good deed and sends the mighty Thunderbird back to earth to restore his life. ‘Namxxiyalegayu is so broken that the Thunderbird is only able to make him into a man and then becomes a member of the tribe. He maintains much of his sea monster-like facial features and a dark, black body.”

Marcus Alfred

Marcus Alfred



Marcus Alfred was born on September 14, 1981 in Alert Bay, an island community on the northern shore of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He is the son of renowned artist, Wayne Alfred, and the grandson of Pat Alfred.