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Kemano Dutilh Teyxva (1987) [Remarque]


  • Medium: serigraph
  • Size: 22 × 30 inches
  • Edition: 10
  • Reference Code: LW2011-07

$ 500.00 CAD
Sale: $ 350.00 CAD

“This print is based on a Hay-naa-syuu-la petroglyph. In 1987 the silk-screen’s frame was placed over the petroglyph and rubbed with a wax crayon. The final image is quite different from the original petroglyph because the petroglyph was too large to fit the silk-screen frame — the print is in a more condensed form.”

Lyle Wilson, November 2010

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Lyle Wilson


(1955- )

Lyle Wilson is a Haisla artist from Kitamaat village, which is near the town site of Kitamaat, British Columbia, Canada. The Haisla tribe is often referred to as Northern Kwakiutl, however, their historic artistic style has influences from various sources — notably Kwakiutl and Tsimshian, as well as developing distinctive qualities of their own. The name Kitamaat means “People of the Snow” and refers to the large amount of snow received by this region. Tsimshian people visiting the Haisla people in mid-winter arrived to see people emerging from longhouses completely buried by the snow so the name Kitamaat seemed an appropriate description.

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