Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Te Kete Tuātea


“The Buddhist scriptures speak of three baskets of wisdom, in a similar way, in the Māori tradition Tāne brought back the three baskets of knowledge from the highest heavens. These can also be viewed as a metaphor for the living of ones life; I choose to align with the following elucidation.

“This basket of knowledge represents the experience we have, the knowledge of spiritual realities, beyond space and time, that of ritual and karakia (prayer), our oneness with each other and with the past. Here, I have used blue to represent learned spiritual knowledge and communication/sharing of this knowledge.”

Te Rongo Kirkwood

Te Rongo Kirkwood

Te Rongo Kirkwood


Ngāi Tai ki Tamaki, Wai o hua, Kawerau, Waikato

(1973- )

I feel a strong connection to my cultural roots, particularly since returning from 12 years in the UK and Europe. Embracing my heritage the work reflects cultural influences and my interest in the awakening of consciousness.