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Building a Snow House (1978)


  • Medium: lithograph
  • Size: 9 × 11.5 inches
  • Edition: 60
  • Reference Code: CD1978-86


“Lithography was first introduced into the Cape Dorset studios in 1972. Due to the growing importance of the medium, a separate collection was assembled and released to the public in 1975. This is the third collection of lithographs produced in Cape Dorset, and it clearly defines the growing facility of the Dorset artists.”

—Lithographs Dorset 1978

Kananginak Pootoogook

Kananginak Pootoogook



Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada


Kananginak has been involved with drawing and printmaking since the late 1950s when the graphic arts program first began at Cape Dorset. Kananginak’s first print, a collaborative image with his father, Pootoogook, was included in the first catalogued collection of Cape Dorset prints in 1959. Since that time, Kananginak’s work has been included in almost every annual collection, and has been interpreted in many different print media — copper engraving, stonecut, stencil, lithography and etching. Kananginak was an accomplished stonecut printmaker himself — in the early years he often proofed and editioned his own work.

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