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Nocturnal Bandits (2010)


  • Medium: etching, aquatint
  • Size: 19 × 22.75 inches
  • Edition: 50
  • Reference Code: CD2010-28

$ 450.00 CAD
Sale: $ 315.00 CAD

Ohotoq Mikkigak, an elder in chronological age but still a youngster in spirit, delights us once again with six new images of wit and whimsy. In his charming Nocturnal Bandits two mischievous bird-men skulk away in the night with their booty. Their ruse is made all the more effective by our inability to truly discern whether these are birds disguised as men or men disguised as birds.

—from the foreword by Leslie Boyd Ryan and John Westren

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Ohotaq (Oqutaq) Mikkigak

Ohotaq (Oqutaq) Mikkigak


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada


“I enjoy doing colourful drawings, of people, animals, birds and especially the landscape. I used to enjoy hunting on the land, so that’s what I draw. I’ve done a few drawings of shamans, although I’ve never seen one. They are stories, true stories, told by my grandmother.”

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