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Family of Whales Platter



The meaning is based on the theme of father, mother, and child… the family. The platter depicts the family of Humpback whales making their journey, migrating to warmer waters. The white bone pieces symbolize the currents that the whales follow to their destination. The Humpbacks migrate in winter across the Pacific from the waters around New Zealand to Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The centre piece represents the continuous cycle they repeat every year. The whales are carved out of whalebone with inlays in mother of pearl and cattle bone. The wood is 1000-2000 year old Kauri wood. Granville Haworth prepared the platter for me then I designed and inlaid all the materiels into the platter.

Kerry Kapua Thompson

Kerry Kapua Thompson


Ngāti Paoa

(1967- )

Kerry has been carving for twenty-two years in many materials and is possibly the leading artist working in bone. Although he attended a diploma course in Māori design at Waiariki Polytechnic in Rotorua and learned from Hepi Maxwell, Rex Christianson and other artists working in the same materials, his style of carving and two-tone staining process are uniquely his own.

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