Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Scallop Rattle (Xaws Mewktses)


Xaws Mewktses in the Salish language means new rattle. The scallop shell forms the natural cavity for the rattle and it is only logical that people who lived along the coast and demonstrated a respect and use for all parts of nature would have used the shells for this purpose. Rattles were used in ceremonies to chase away things that needed to be cleansed from the area. The rim of the rattle represents the cycle of life. The wolf head represents the crest of the family owning the rattle. The rattle was also used to for each new season and each new life.”

Stan Greene

Stan Greene

Stan Greene

Coast Salish (Semiahmoo)

(1953- )

Stan Greene’s Salish culture was sleeping, and he has spent his life helping to wake it up. Best known as a carver, Stan is also an avid painter, dancer, and canoeist. Based in Chilliwack, he has built an international reputation through his artistic revival of Salish traditions. It is for his artistry and his dedication to reviving the Salish art form that Stan received an honorary doctorate from the University of the Fraser Valley this year [2007].