Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Shaman’s Rattle (Canoe Spirit Figure)


“The figure was used by the Shaman (healer) and represented the patient. The shaman would heal the spirit and, in turn, the body would become well. The person is made up of three parts — the mind, spirit, and body. The deer hoof rattle would scare away anything that should not be by you. The whistle would call the spirit. The shaman’s prayers and medicines would take care of the people.”

Stan Greene

Stan Greene

Stan Greene

Coast Salish (Semiahmoo)

(1953- )

Stan Greene’s Salish culture was sleeping, and he has spent his life helping to wake it up. Best known as a carver, Stan is also an avid painter, dancer, and canoeist. Based in Chilliwack, he has built an international reputation through his artistic revival of Salish traditions. It is for his artistry and his dedication to reviving the Salish art form that Stan received an honorary doctorate from the University of the Fraser Valley this year [2007].