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Inuk in Parka Hood


  • Medium: basalt
  • Size: 10 × 6 × 3 inches
  • Reference Code: U51112


Charlie Alikamik Kogvik

Charlie Alikamik Kogvik


Baker Lake, Nunavut Territory, Canada


“I attended the first workshop given by the Inuit Art Foundation. Working with other well-known artists was very interesting, very educational for me. It was like meeting movie stars. I started a lot from them. I was 15 when I started carving. What got me started was school. I was always into art; I really enjoyed it. My mother and father did a lot of sculpting, and my mother also made wall hangings depicting images from stories and legends. I was influenced by them, and my granny also. She was blind, but she did a lot with her hands. I’d ask her: ‘How could you do this? You can’t see.’ But she did it just by feeling. And she said, ‘When you take your time, anything is possible. You don’t have to see to do it.’

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