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Fish Flake Rattle-Top Basket


  • Medium: spruce root
  • Size: 1.75 × 1.75 × 2.5 inches
  • Reference Code: W90610


Dolores (Dolly) Garza

Dolores (Dolly) Garza

Haida, Tlingit

Sgang gwaay or Dolly Garza is a Haida-Tlingit basket and raven’s tail weaver. She was born in Ketchikan, Alaska. Following her matrilineal culture, she is Kaiganii Haida, from the Sxaalants clan with eagle, frog and sculpin crests. On her Tlingit father’s side she is Tiin-nei dee (Raven, dog salmon). She was also adopted to the L’uknax.ádi and given the name Xaat Sháawát which means Spruce Root Woman. Sgang gwaay learned basket weaving from several Haida and Tlingit weavers including Delores Churchill, Teri Rofkar, Holly Churchill and Diane Douglas-Willard. She also apprenticed with Teri Rofkar for raven’s tail weaving. She has been weaving since the mid-1980s. She lives in Skidegate in Haida Gwaii.

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