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Tukiliit: An Introduction to Inuksuit and Other Stone Figures of the North


  • Medium: softcover
  • Size: 9 × 8 inches, 128 pages
  • Reference Code: DM2009-01


For centuries, Inuit and their ancestors have been building beautiful rock structures across the Arctic and sub-Arctic. These mysterious stone figures are best known as inuksuit. But not all Inuit stone figures are inuksuit; a better general word is tukiliit (singular tukilik). In Inuktitut, this refers to all meaningful stone objects, anywhere in the world.

Norman Hallendy

(1932- )

Norman Hallendy’s experiences are as diverse as his interests. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art in the field of industrial design, he carried out graduate studies in Sweden, Italy and Switzerland. He then spent his entire working career as a senior civil servant for the Government of Canada, contributing directly to the formulation of public policy aimed at improving conditions for the Inuit throughout the North. He was also the senior vice-president of one of Canada’s largest Crown corporations, where he exerted much influence in improving housing policies and delivery programs. His responsibilities while working in the Department of Northern Affairs and the National Film Board of Canada allowed him to contribute to the development and worldwide recognition of Inuit art.

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