Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Kwagulth Talking Stick


  • Medium: yellow cedar
  • Size: 72 × 22 × 7 inches
  • Reference Code: W90302

top to bottom: Eagle, Killerwhale, Bear holding Copper, Pugmis (Wild Man of the Deep) holding Halibut, Tsonoqua (Wild Woman of the Woods)

Patrick Hunt

Patrick Hunt


(1966- )

Patrick Hunt was born in Victoria in 1966. He is the youngest son of hereditary chief, George Hunt and Mary Hunt. He is the grandson of Tom and Emma Hunt and May and Sam Henderson. His family was involved with the creation of Thunderbird Park for the Royal British Columbia in Victoria and created the first formal training programs for new artists. He was always involved with Kwakwaka’wakw culture and started learning the legends, rights, songs, dances and privileges from an early age as well as learning to carve and design.