Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Arveq — The Female Shaman Brings Us Food


Not many people remember that they used to train women to be shamans. People think that only men were shamans. It is not true. This is a story of my family knowing about this female shaman. The spotted seal design and mask on the whale tail is my family design. The woman was very powerful and would have to lash herself to this earth and then she would transform herself. This time she became a whale and found food for everyone.

Earl Auralria Atchak

Earl Auralria Atchak

Earl Auralria Atchak

Yupik (Cup'ik)

Chevak, Alaska, USA

(1965- )

I believe in keeping my art true to the way of my ancestors and so I use their beliefs and tools and I collect all my material from the tundra around me.