Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Family Group (aka “Eskimo Family”) (c.1975)


  • Medium: serpentine
  • Size: 17.25 × 22.5 × 14 inches
  • Reference Code: M80701

“Mikkisiti is the son of Pauta, who is a shaman and also a famous sculptor and printmaker. At little more than thirty years of age, Mikkisiti has emerged as an accomplished sculptor himself, who is comfortable working to any scale. Although he is not a prolific artist, every carving of his that I have handled has been excellent. His “Eskimo Family” is arguably the best family group to have come out of the north.”

—excerpt from “Lords of the Stone” by Macduff and Galpin, 1982, page 46, 52.

Mikisiti Saila

Mikisiti Saila


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada


The son of legendary artist Pauta Saila, Mikisiti has been exhibiting for more than thirty-five years. His preferred theme is wildlife presented in a minimal but austerely graceful and elegant style.