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Killer Whale (1978)


  • Medium: serigraph
  • Size: 20 × 14.75 inches
  • Edition: 75
  • Reference Code: RJH1978-01


In this story a young man has gone fishing for halibut and cod at the mouth of the Inlet, a place where he knew there would be plenty of fish. His luck was incredible. First he found some large mussels, his favourite food, then his catch of cod and halibut was better than ever before. By now though, he was miles away from home and he knew it would be night before long.Taking his bearings, he started for a small sheltered cove he knew of; a place he had camped several times before. As he put into the cove he saw six large canoes on the beach. These canoes were unusual, so he cautiously approached the beach.From a hiding place, he watched the people busy preparing their camp for the night and cooking their supper. He saw that a group was struggling with a burden and he stepped forward to help. In answer to his questions, they told him they were the whale people and their village was a day’s journey following the sun.Because he had helped them, they invited him to eat with them and he had a splendid meal of deer, seal and several kinds of fish. He lay back contented and tired and soon he dozed off. After some time, he awakened with a start. It was early morning. He saw the canoes of the whale people, out to sea; they had turned into Killer Whales. What had woken him was the sound of the upper part of the canoe with the fin, locking in place.

On his journey home he thought of his great good fortune—the mussels, the fish, the meeting of the whale people. He took the Killer Whale as his crest, and the songs and dances of the whale people, so he would never forget this great experience.

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