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Original wood carving by Susan Point and her daughter Kelly Cannell

Susan and Kelly initially created this design for a public art call searching for new designs for the City of Vancouver storm sewer and manhole covers. They focused on their earliest memories of nature, remembering the metamorphoses or life cycle of the frog and created this wood carving as the mould for the possible storm sewer covers. A powerful image in its own right, the piece was also made into a set of limited edition serigraphs that sold out shortly after they were released.

The imagery for Memory depicts the metamorphosis of a frog with eggs in the centre, spinning out into tadpoles and then turning into frogs.

Water, being the essence of life, this design is intended to give the feel of bursts of complete life using the entire surface of the glass to show that all life stems from water fluid, flowing, designs that relate to water. Interpreted through Coast Salish First Nations teachings, the circular format of this design also represents the circle of life and the fact that all life, in one way or another, is somehow connected. The imagery in this design also illustrates the flow of energy as the frogs leap outwards.

Memory was selected as the design for the new storm sewer covers for the City of Vancouver (as part of the Art Underfoot competition) commissioned in 2004.

Susan Point / Kelly Cannell

Susan Point / Kelly Cannell


Collaboration between Coast Salish artist Susan Point and her daughter Kelly Cannell.

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