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Beaver Lodge — Borrowing Supplies


A Great Raven had an idea. He was tired of foraging for food during the winter. He told the Great Beaver that he would find the food in the creeks for the beaver in the autumn. Then the beaver would gather the food and store it in his den, so the raven wouldn’t have to search all day during the winter for food. From that day on the Beaver and the Raven would share the stored food. That’s how the Beaver House became known for wealth.

Gary Olver

Gary Olver

Gary Olver


(1966- )

Gary Olver was born in 1966 in The Pas, Manitoba of Woodlands Cree descent. His family moved to British Columbia in 1975. On a family vacation to visit his uncle, who was stationed at the air force base in Masset, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), he met a number of the Haida artists, watched the artists working on various projects, and he was inspired by the quality of work in progress.