Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Spirit Hook - Mātauranga


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The word Mātauranga is referred to knowledge, with matau the word for hook and ranga a group. This signifies the coming together of people to acknowledge friends and family who have passed to Te Ika a Māui - The Milky Way.
—Lewis Gardiner

The barb of this hook is a raven’s head. It could relate to the Raven with the Broken Beak story, where Raven is pilfering the bait off the fishing hooks and a fisherman pulls so hard on the line that he yanks Raven’s beak off. He has to devise a plan to get it back. He enlists the killer whales to boil up the water to fool the fisherman into thinking he has magical powers. Raven waves his wing and the killer whales oblige him, and the fisherman becomes so scared that he returns Raven’s beak to him.
—Preston Singletary

Preston Singletary / Lewis Gardiner

Preston Singletary / Lewis Gardiner

Collaboration for the Fire & Water: Pacific Visions in Glass and Jade exhibition, 2007.

Collaborations between great artists are historically rare, despite frequent attempts and enthusiastic interest to bring technical skills and artistic chemistry together. In the end, it often seems that personal careers, distance, and other issues make these projects too difficult to realize. What makes this particular collaboration even more remarkable is that the two artists are geographically in different hemispheres — almost at polar opposites of the world.