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Sun and Four Carpenters Door Panel


  • Medium: yellow cedar
  • Size: 68 × 26.125 × 2 inches
  • Reference Code: X170101

$ 25,000.00 CAD

It was a time when the earth was cold and frozen; it was a dark time before we had the Sun. Alhk’ntam sent down the Masmaslanixw “the four Carpenters” to create everything in this place and to assign characteristics as to what everything would have. They worked under close supervision of Alhkw’ntam. Each day they would have to go to Alhkw’ntam’s house in his world to get fire and bring it to Earth. They grew tired of doing this so one of the Carpenters took a coal from the fire and began to shape a bird. The first carpenter shaped the bird’s body, wings and then passed it to the second Carpenter. He shaped the bird’s tail, legs, feet, and claws and then passed it to the third Carpenter. He shaped the birds head, eyes, and beak and passed it to the fourth Carpenter. The youngest Carpenter gave the bird its voice and asked the bird to speak. The bird called out ‘Qwaxw, Qwaxw’ this will be your name. Raven was created and is known to be a trickster, a mischievous bird. Still today you can hear Raven calling his name. The four Carpenters told Raven that Alhkw’ntam was keeper of the Sun and that he would store it in a box up high in his house. Raven found a way into his house and stole the Sun. The Sun landed between his house and the Earth, becoming our Sun and Stars that we have today.

—Latham Mack

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Latham Mack

Latham Mack


Grizzly Bear / Raven Clan

(1985- )

Latham’s traditional name is Quuluun (Beaver). He was born in 1985, in Bella Coola, BC. Latham designs, paints, and carves, working mostly in alder and yellow cedar. He carved his first mask at the age of 13 with Harvey Mack, Lawrence Mack and Alvin Mack.

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