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A Shaman’s Hope


Since 2007, the Spirit Wrestler Gallery has been so pleased to support the work and career of Billy Gauthier. During that time we have become very close friends with him and much of his family.

Most recently, Billy’s uncle, Kenny Hope, has been fighting cancer. Billy and his family are incredibly close to Kenny and wished somehow to help him. The decision was to hold a Charity Auction for him - the organisation of which was taken on by Mitzi Wall, mother of Billy and brother to Kenny. Items were donated by many friends and members of the community to help put together a fund to assist Kenny during the difficult financial times of his treatment.

Billy, of course, greatly wished to contribute a work to help his uncle. We were delighted to be asked if we could assist with this at the auction - and while we initially thought that we could perhaps contact the many supporters of his work here at the gallery to participate directly, the logistics of having a phone-in component to the auction in Goose Bay were too overwhelming. Instead, given the values that we anticipate for like-size, like-quality works by him that come through the gallery, we placed a bid to that fair-value - if it had sold for more, no problem, all the better for Kenny! The auction took place on Friday, the 22nd of July - and while the bidding was quite close, we were the final bidder.

The photos here are of this sculpture - which is now available for purchase from our gallery at the same value we secured it for in the auction. We would like to assure everyone that neither the artist - nor our gallery - would benefit from it’s sale - all proceeds from it’s sale will be donated directly to Kenny Hope.  

Billy Gauthier, on behalf of his family, would like to thank whoever buys this sculpture for their contribution of support towards his favourite uncle, Kenny Hope.

Thank you. 

Billy Gauthier

Billy Gauthier


Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

(1978- )

Billy was born on July 7, 1978, in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador. In his early years he travelled eastern Canada residing and schooling in Ottawa, Yarmouth and Halifax in Nova Scotia, then at the age of thirteen returned to live in Goose Bay. He now lives in North West River in Labrador and enjoys fishing and hunting on the land with his family.