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Last Umiak (2015)


  • Medium: lithograph
  • Size: 20.25 × 26 inches
  • Reference Code: CD2015-31


I first remember seeing Ohotaq - known to me as Buddy - in Cape Dorset around the 1960s. The outpost camp that Buddy grew up on was Nuvujuak (Long Point), which is now called Cape Dorset Point on the map. When Buddy and his wife Qaunuq moved to Cape Dorset in the mid-1960s, Buddy was offered a job in the school as a janitor, where he worked until retirement. In the early 1990s, I approached Buddy to see if he would like to start drawing on paper. Buddy said he had tried when Jim Houston was in Cape Dorset at Kinngait Studios. Buddy’s artwork spoke volumes about his education, with drawings showing Inuit knowledge and the wonderful Arctic landscape. My Buddy, Ohotaq Mikkigak, made so many friends both in the north and the south, and will be missed by many.

— Jimmy Manning

Ohotaq (Oqutaq) Mikkigak

Ohotaq (Oqutaq) Mikkigak


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada


“I enjoy doing colourful drawings, of people, animals, birds and especially the landscape. I used to enjoy hunting on the land, so that’s what I draw. I’ve done a few drawings of shamans, although I’ve never seen one. They are stories, true stories, told by my grandmother.”

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