Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Double Negative (1993)


  • Medium: serigraph
  • Size: 29.5 × 41.5 inches
  • Edition: 72
  • Reference Code: RD1993-03

All I remember is when I did that, I did the red first and then I did the overlay, and I said, “Ah, I goofed.” But I carried on doing it anyway, because I felt really sick about it, having put so much work into it and it didn’t work. But after I set it aside for a few days, I got excited about it. I had no idea what I would do. All I knew was that I wanted to do a double negative. This came from from my prints, the overlay, and this came from other paintings where I did the ghosting, so the title is Double Negative, because they’re both negatives.
—Robert Davidson, interview with Ian Thom, November 1992

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Robert Davidson is one of the most decorated Canadian artists today. He has received such prestigious awards as the Order of Canada, the Order of British Columbia, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, and was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.