Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

“help me out here”


Making a piece that has images on both sides is always fun for me. I look at the stone to see what is in there, and then I work from that point to try to get the two sides to work together. Because the stone is always shaped uniquely and the two sides are always different — there is never a simple solution — so interesting for me!

With this piece, it was obvious from the start that there were two owls in there, so that part wasn’t very difficult. Now the big concern is to get the right cut — to get the two figures to match. Once that was figured out, I just had to come up with faces to match. Here we have one owl who has that look of someone having some troubles with some kind of situation… and he is asking for some help from a friend — but that friend is just passing this off, pretending not to know him. Not much help there!

(By the way, unlike many of my stories, this one is NOT from personal experience, it is just the story I made up as the piece went along!)

Michael Massie

Michael Massie

Michael Massie


Inuit, Métis

Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

(1962- )

Massie’s work is a reflection of his mixed Inuit, Métis and Scottish heritage. In it, he investigates both traditional and contemporary themes. He has achieved renown for his innovative teapots that combine themes and symbols from his native Inuit culture with European traditions. Massie has been twice short-listed for the coveted Prix Saidye Bronfman and has an extensive international reputation. His work has been shown in North America and Europe, including the National Gallery of Canada. He was elected a member of Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2011.