Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

“Brothers: Halibut Fisherman and Killerwhale” Panel Pipe


Several brothers would take to their canoe to hunt sea mammals. One time, they are surrounded by a pod of killerwhales, who churn the water into a whirlpool that drags the canoe underwater. The brothers are taken to an ocean village where the Killerwhales transform each brother into one of them. The youngest brother uses a stone amulet to ward off the Killerwhale fins, thus preventing a complete transformation into a killerwhale. When they finally tire, he escapes to shore with the help of his killerwhale brothers. He approaches his village where his family mourns for them, but his deformities force him to watch from a distance. After days of listening to the pains of his mother and family, he lets out a loud scream that causes the clouds to break and a torrential downpour of rain to fall. The flood of water causes the Killerwhale skin to peel away and his human form revealed. He is now able to enter the village and tell of the fate of his brothers. A few days later a killerwhale is found on the beach. He tells the family not to touch him because it is one of his brothers. He then takes the Killerwhale for his crest.

Someone who is lost at sea is known to be taken by the killerwhales to be transformed into one of them.

Christian White

Christian White


Raven Clan

(1962- )

Christian was born in Queen Charlotte City and raised in Old Masset, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia). He is from the Dadens Yahgu’7laanaas Raven Clan and his Haida name is Kilthguulans (Voice of Gold). He started carving argillite at the age of fourteen under the direction of his father, Morris White. He studied the work of the great masters and especially of his great-great-grandfather Charles Edenshaw. A self-supporting artist since the age of seventeen, Christian shows an advanced knowledge of Haida forms and an emerging personal style based on narrative story telling and strong use of inlays of various materials, even in his earlier pieces.