Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

They Sang Grandpa’s Song and I Danced (1998)


  • Medium: stonecut
  • Size: 20 × 25.5 inches
  • Edition: 35
  • Reference Code: C31201

Mary Okheena


Holman, Northwest Territories, Canada

(1955- )

In recent years Mary Okheena has become a forceful presence in the annual print collections from Holman, Northwest Territories, Canada. This young Inuit artist started drawing and printmaking at the Holman Eskimo co-operative as a teenager. The daughter of printmaker and sculptor Jimmy Memorana, Okheena is part of the third generation of organized graphic artists in the Canadian Arctic. As such her art combines a uniquely Inuit aesthetic and cultural tradition with Southern cultural influences and Western artistic devices.