Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Manaia Pendant


  • Medium: Pounamu Jade
  • Size: 1.75 × 2 inches
  • Reference Code: NZ190501

Whare Bidois

Whare Bidois

Ngati Rangiwewehi Te Whanau a Apanui

(1994- )

Whare, whilst at school had a chance introduction through the gateway program to learn a little about jade and carving this cultural stone. Whare’s cultural background and his experience in the performing arts had him eager to learn more about the visual arts. This introduction had planted a seed which had Whare applied and successfully was selected as a Tauira (student) on Te Takapu Rotowhio, New Zealand Maori arts and Craft Institute Rotorua. As a student Whare had the opportunity to study under firstly Lewis Gardiner then Stacy Gordine Two of New Zealands leading Jade and Bone artists in New Zealand. Since Whare’s graduation he has become a part of the Rakai Jade studio putting what he has learnt into practise. “For as long as can remember, I have had a passion for Maori Art, growing up I was surrounded by Ta Moko Artist, carvers and painters, I want to pursue my passion”.