Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

“cliff diving”


Looking to have some fun with a couple of pieces of stone, I decided to make something that could represent something I wish I had enough courage to do - cliff diving.

I have always been fascinated about this sport. For its ability to fly through the air, similar to how birds do. The people I watch who are cliff-diving as a sport are now wearing suits that are similar to that of a flying squirrel. They fly very fast and at times come very close to the cliffs and the tree-tops. All very amazing to me, to have enough courage to jump off a cliff and fly through the air.

So, with this piece I decided to have just a very small portion of the owl touching the rocks, as if he was showing us that with all the years of experience flying, he (the owl), can actually touch the tops of rocks or trees - and keep going!

—Michael Massie

Michael Massie

Michael Massie


Inuit, Métis

Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

(1962- )

Massie’s work is a reflection of his mixed Inuit, Métis and Scottish heritage. In it, he investigates both traditional and contemporary themes. He has achieved renown for his innovative teapots that combine themes and symbols from his native Inuit culture with European traditions. Massie has been twice short-listed for the coveted Prix Saidye Bronfman and has an extensive international reputation. His work has been shown in North America and Europe, including the National Gallery of Canada. He was elected a member of Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2011.