Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Thunder Mountain (2009)


  • Medium: serigraph
  • Size: 23 × 20 inches
  • Edition: 115
  • Reference Code: TC2009-02

“My people’s oral history tells many legends of the Thunderbird. He is a symbol of luck and is a protector of people. The Thunderbird claps his powerful wings and makes thunder and lightning.

“I thought of the Thunderbird while travelling in the Okanagan some years back, there was a day I spent on a mountain when the weather changed instantly. The thunder was so loud it could be seen shaking the trees, and lightning so powerful I could hear it beside me. I remember 10 cm [4 inches] of hail fell, and in a matter of minutes buried the ground. Many things bowed from the weight of the ice. The sun was obscured from view in a matter of minutes. It was unbelievably exciting.

“I have respect for the mountain that showed me its might that day; I reflect on it now as Thunder Mountain.”

Thomas Cannell

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Thomas Cannell

Coast Salish (Musqueam)

(1980- )

Thomas Cannell is a young Coast Salish artist who was born on Musqueam traditional territory in 1980. He has spent his whole life on the Musqueam Reserve in Vancouver, BC, and has been immersed in the long-established art and cultural traditions of his Musqueam ancestors.