Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Raven’s Song (2000)


In the third and final piece in the trilogy, Raven’s Song, the face is a deep purplish burgundy. The mount is a 1.6-m (64-inch), carved, yellow cedar rim with a raven coming up either side from the bottom. The raven symbolizes transformation, and the human form carved within the raven’s body reflects the need for humans to transform themselves, to embrace and value the natural world. Thus the raven’s song invites us to rise above our earthly forms and limitations.

—Susan Point as told to Vesta Giles

Susan Point

Susan Point


Coast Salish (Musqueam)

(1952- )

Susan began making limited edition prints on her kitchen table in 1981 while working as a legal secretary. She received several early commissions, which established her reputation for innovative proposals and for completing projects on time, on budget and at the highest level. She took courses in silver, casting and carving, all of which led to monumental sculptures in mixed media, and she was the first Northwest Coast artist to work in glass. She continues to release a number of print editions each year, but her focus has been on commissioned sculpture.