Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Mother and Child at the Igloo


Lizzie Sivuarapik


Puvirnituq, Quebec, Canada

(1943- )

Lizzie Kumangu Sivuarapik was born on December 15, 1943 at Koartaq, a small camp situated between Puvirnituq and Inukjuak. She now lives in Povungnituk with her husband Thomassiapik Sivuarapik, whom she married in 1959, and their four children. Her husband ranks as one of the master sculptors of the Eastern Arctic; this is not to underestimate the fact that Lizzie herself comes from a long line of famous artists. Her uncle is the famous Johnny Inukpuk, and her father, commonly known as Moses POV, is also a sculptor. Lizzie’s mother is Annie Pov, her sister is Mina Kingalik.