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The First Ancestor Spoon


  • Medium: alder
  • Size: 15 × 4 × 5.6 inches
  • Reference Code: XN120523


In the begining of time, our Creator had the assistance of Four Carpenters in whom he hired to carve mankind. As the creation of our First Ancestors had been fulfilled, each was taking into the backroom of the Creators longhouse where along the walls hung the cloaks of the Eagle, the Grizzly Bear, The Raven and the Killerwhale, all in his creation. Our first ancestor had a choice of what cloak they would descend to earth with. As they came to earth in the cloak of their choice, they came down in the lashes of the Sun. Once they descended to earth at the top of their mountain, that animal’s cloak went back to Heaven as they transformed back into their human form. In that cloak, each family recieved their title and rights, their own Smyusta (origin story), songs, dances, and their own language (dialect). The design on this spoon depicts our first ancestor that chose the eagle as his crest. Way!

—Lyle Mack

Lyle Mack

Lyle Mack

Nuxalk (Bella Coola)

(1979- )

Lyle’s father is reknown Nuxalk artist Alvin Mack. In 2007, he and his father completed a 40-foot totem pole to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Acwsalcta (“Place of Learning”) School in Bella Coola.

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