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The Basket Mother Robe



Several years ago, I conceived of the idea to combine two great traditions—Tlingit spruce-root baskets and Ravenstail robes—to showcase their relationship… There is much overlap in design between these two art forms, and I am surprised that no one has ever thought to do a robe like this before.

Lani Hotch

Lani Hotch


(1956- )

Lani was born in Klukwan, Alaska. Her Tlingit names are Saantaas’, Sekwooneitl and Xhaatooch, and she is from the Wolf House of the Kaagwaantaan Clan in Klukwan. Her mother was of Tlingit ancestry and her father was from northern California with ancestral ties to Wales. She has lived most of her adult life in Klukwan with her children and husband, Jones Hotch Jr. (Naatl’ of the Gaanaxteidi (Raven) Clan and recently appointed caretaker of the Whale House in Klukwan). Lani comes from a long line of Chilkat weavers.

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