Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Poutama Bracelet


  • Medium: silver
  • Size: 0.75 × 6 inches
  • Reference Code: KX50304

In ancient lore, the stepped Poutama design symbolized the climb into the heavens made by Tane in his quest to obtain the three baskets of knowledge from Io Matua (Io the Parent, the Supreme Being of our cosmogony). The steps denote progress and advance, signifying the growth of humans, ever striving for betterment.

Alex Nathan

Alex Nathan


Te Roroa, Ngāti Whātua, Ngā Puhi

(1946- )

Alex worked in traditional materials such as bone, shell, stone and wood until the late 1980s when his brother, Manos, introduced him to Michael Kabotie, the Hopi silversmith. Now Alex works exclusively with silver as his primary material and uses traditional materials as highlights. Adapting and exploring traditional Māori designs within the silver medium, he incorporates traditional motifs in his uniquely constructed and carved silver pieces.