Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Uhi Wero, Uhi Taia, Haumi E, Hui E, Taiki E!


This multimedia piece has double imagery: the uhi, or needle, and the Hokioi, or ancient bird figure. The uhi is employed during the practice of ta moko (body art). Here Hokioi, the giant eagle, once again takes to the skies.

Derek Lardelli

Derek Lardelli


Ngāti Porou, Rongowhakaata, Ngāti Kanohi (Ngāi Te Riwai), Ngāti Kaipoho (Ngāi Te Aweawe)

(1961- )

Although Derek Lardelli is best known as a Tā moko artist, his work ranges across a variety of media and cultural consultancy roles. Derek was the commissioning artist for the magnificent Maui sculptures that adorn his tribal mountain Hikurangi, along with other design and sculptural works created for national and international clients including the New Zealand Olympics team to Athens, the Commonwealth games team to Australia most recently the New Zealand Embassy in Cairo.