Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Kete Crystal


“Pūtake (foundations)—My notion that kete are like people with both personality and specific roles has led me to create a range of kete that are adorned with piu piu, feathers, Swarovski crystals, and pounamu in the manner that we clothe ourselves. Whilst these kete come from a customary Māori base, they incorporate elements of value from other cultures. Similarly so do we as an indigenous people. The challenge for us as a people is to identify those elements that enhance our indigenous identity and release those that are not in our individual or collective interest. Pūtake invites us to look at the fabric of identity we weave in our daily lives.”

Jessica Paraone

Jess Paraone

Jess Paraone


Ngāti Kawau, Kaitangata

(1963- )

Jess first encounter with weaving was at the side of kuia of Ngati Awa. This first experience has provided a firm foundation for all following learning. Having later completed formal training at Unitec, Auckland, Jess continues to weave together ideas and learning with other weavers throughout the motu.